EMERGENCY Hotline 800-700-0777

Accident CleanupAir Cushion RecoveryChemical ResponseFuel Release CleanupOil Spill CleanupEnviro ExcavationProduct TransfersLoad Shift CorrectionCargo RecoveryBioHazard CleanupTraffic ControlFire CleanupDisaster RecoveryVacuum Services

ERS, a DEQ Licensed Contractor, is able to provide a wide range of emergency services.  We are available 24 hours per day to service immediate needs ranging from small fuel spills to intense, multi-faceted, catastrophic incidents.  Our emergency response teams consist of  highly experienced, trained professionals who endeavor to provide solutions during extreme situations.   From performing general site activities to collaboration with regulatory agencies, our client commitment includes the reduction of liabilities with regards to safety for all parties involved.

ERS provides 24 hour-per-day, 365 days-per-year, emergency telephone numbers staffed by key members of our emergency response team- not an answering service.  By utilizing the direct approach with its clients, ERS is able to determine what personnel, equipment, and materials are necessary to perform the initial portion of the job, thus expediting our response time.  This direct approach also provides the clients with immediate knowledge of the ERS Emergency Response Team Activation and receive an estimated time of arrival to the incident location. Emergency Response Flowchart

Services we Provide:

Accident Cleanup

Air Cushion Recovery

Chemical Response (Chemical spill containment, control, and cleanup)

Fuel Release Cleanup

Oil Spill Cleanup

Highway Accident / Highway Spill Cleanup

Environmental Excavation (Environmental Cleanup)

Product and Chemical Transfers

Load Shift Correction (Cargo Unloading, Repackaging, Securement)

Cargo Recovery (Cargo spills, overturned accidents, disasters)

Biohazard Cleanup (blood spills, industrial accidents, injury or fatality locations)

Traffic Control (emergency traffic control)

Fire Cleanup (industrial fires, truck fires)

Disaster Cleanup (tornado cleanup)

Emergency Powerwashing

Vacuum Services

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